Our Misson

By creating partnerships with both suppliers and customers, we are able to anticipate the needs of the marketplace and meet design changes with the latest breakthroughs in lubrication technology. We will continue to be a source of technical information for our customers and assist them with changes demanded by the needs of the automotive public.

Our long-term success would not have been possible without our loyal customer base, especially given that “word of mouth” advertising from our customers is virtually the only advertising we have ever utilized. For that we thank you, and we promise that Macmillan Oil Company, now MOCA, will never stray from our founding principles to provide the highest quality lubricants at the most competitive prices and the highest level of personal customer service in the lubricant distributors industry.

Our Company History

MOCA was founded by Robert Fritz in 1937 as one of the regional lubricant distributors of the Macmillan Ring-Free Oil Company. Macmillan Ring-Free began in 1923 and built its reputation with an “ahead of its time” formulation unusually high in natural detergency and extreme pressure properties. Introduced at a time when most oil companies and auto designers felt that any mineral oil would lubricate just fine, Macmillan Ring-Free proved the advantages of performance products. Not only would Ring-Free protect against deposit formulation, sludge, and other contaminants. It would also free up sticky rings, valves, and pistons, which is how the name developed.

From the start, Macmillan chose the most public proof of performance for its exceptional products- auto and air racing. In 1936 Macmillan produced the first three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500, Lou Meyer, driving “O’l Number Eight” the “Ring Free Special.” During the same period, Colonel Roscoe Turner; an internationally renowned air racer, used Ring Free lubricants in his winning aircraft.

Protection against severe service wear was also exceptional. The combination of these revolutionary performance benefits established Ring Free as an in-demand lubricant among consumers and OEMs. We were also a prime supplier to the United States and allied military forces during World War II and in the Gulf war. Macmillan Ring Free Lubricants were specified by the US Department of Defense to counter the rigorous climatic and environmental conditions encountered by the high-tech tanks and military armaments deployed in Desert Storm battles.

Macmillan Oil Co. maintained an active racing program into the 1980s. Pushing new motor oils and high-performance gear oils to the limit in high-speed vehicles on the Bonneville Salt Flats and in endurance races at Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen, Ontario, and Bridgehampton.

In the late ’70s and early ’80s, Macmillan Ring-Free Oil Company was one of those rare companies whose stock was undervalued and as a result, the company was purchased, broken up and the refinery and various operations were sold off. When the dust settled, Macmillan Oil Co. of Allentown and two other former lubricant distributors; one in California and one in Florida, remained Macmillan Ring Free distributors. However, because we could no longer control the quality of the product being sold under the Ring Free name and because other entities were using the reputation we developed over many years to sell a lower quality product, we made the personally painful decision to give up the Ring Free name and began marketing the product whose quality we could continue to control under our new name…MOCA.

A Long History Of

A Tradition of Leadership

Our tradition of leadership in our industry (where we were far from the largest competitor) includes:

MOCA is still owned and operated by the family by which it was originated. Robert Fritz turned the company over to his son Harold who continued to grow the company while keeping the personal feel created by its founder. Harold was a man of his word and many customer relationships and equipment deals were started with nothing but a firm handshake. He continued as President of MOCA until his retirement in 2008.

After Harold’s retirement, his daughter Lisa took over as President of MOCA. Building upon MOCA’s success, Lisa continued to increase the number of customers, employees, fleet, and sales. She expanded our service area and continued to find new ways to grow and remain ahead of our competitors.

In December of 2021, Lisa announced the transition of the business to her daughter, Stephanie- beginning the 4th generation of family ownership. We at MOCA remain optimistic about the future of our company, our country, and the lubrication industry.  As engineers develop more sophisticated engine and transmission designs, we will continue to be ready with lubricants that exceed requirements for the reduction of deposits, friction, and wear.

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